Translating Public Health Evidence into Policy and Practice

Title of talk Speaker Name Timings
Introduction to Organization
  • Scope of Work
  • Capability
Dr. Amina Khan
Tobacco control and the cost of inaction: A snapshot of spending on tobacco-related illnesses Dr. Sheraz Khan
Tobacco control policies and the health of Adolescents in Pakistan (TAP): a multi-method study Midhat Farzeen
Centre for Impact (Collaborative Care): Integrating screening and treatment for depression in aprimary care setting in Pakistan Fakiha Tus Salam/Ali Kamran
Quit for TB trial Maham Zahid
Community engagement and role of communications in Research (C4 IMPACT) (The cloud of Depression) Ali Kamran
What’s Next; Collaborations and Partnerships With Indus (F4LIFE) Dr. Saima
Questions, Answers & Discussion All Team