ICON 2024 | Day 1 : Scientific & Plenary Sessions Commence in Lahore!

Hosted at The Indus Hospital, Jubilee Town Campus, attendees explored cutting-edge medical research and news, all centered around this year’s theme: ‘Game Changing Solutions in Healthcare.’ Accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the event featured scientific sessions and plenary discussions with experts from Indus Hospital & Health Network and around the world.

Day one featured over 28 diverse scientific sessions exploring advancements and strategies which go beyond conventional systems. The topics discussed include emerging pandemics; latest trends in prevalent diseases; game changers in neonatology, dermatology, and resuscitation; streamlining patient engagement; and advances in the diagnosis, management & treatment of illnesses like diabetes, lung cancer, liver disease, septic shock, and more.

Four interactive plenary discussions delved deep into the crucial role of technology-driven healthcare, collaborative partnerships, and innovative solutions in shaping a robust, sustainable, and efficient healthcare sector. Topics covered include AI technology integration, predicting errors in healthcare settings, ethical perspectives of digitalization and automation in an ever-changing world, and the journey of telemedicine services development globally.

These sessions offered a first glimpse into ICON 2024’s role — uniting healthcare visionaries and experts to explore overarching themes and share solutions to healthcare challenges in Pakistan and beyond.

Explore the full list of scientific sessions and expert speakers in Lahore: Scientific Program Lahore – (indushospital.org.pk)

Day Two of ICON 2024 unfolds on January 23rd, in Muzaffargarh, but the Conference’s impact in Lahore continues. Starting tomorrow, dive into 15+ professional workshops running from January 22-25, 2024.

Professional workshops also kick off tomorrow in Karachi, Muzaffargarh, and Badin. Check out the complete schedule here: ICON 2024 | Game Changing Solutions in Healthcare – (indushospital.org.pk)