Dr. Muhammad Kashif Shazlee

Message of Chair, ICON

On behalf of the organizing committee of ICON 2022, I am pleased to announce the sixth biennial ICON conference. It will be held from January 20, 2022, to January 23, 2022. The theme of next year’s conference will be “Beyond the Call of Duty”, which was inspired by the extraordinary acts of heroism performed by the global community amid this health crisis. We hope that it will serve as a platform for top executives, policymakers, individuals, organizations, and health leaders to come together to share knowledge, experience, and strategies to address the healthcare crises in Pakistan.
It is not only limited to the work done to contain this pandemic but a celebration of the achievements of our staff and the health community in raising the standards for the citizens of Pakistan. We hope it will serve as a platform for research and evidence-based healthcare initiatives.
ICON 2022 is the first of the series to be held almost exclusively virtual, with limited workshops being held at IHHN facilities around Pakistan that will be broadcast to the audience. The success of ICON 2020 led to us mobilizing health professionals for the Indus Hospital & Health Network’s cause and allowed us to present Indus-based research to the global health community. Our goal is for ICON 2022 to explore the digital healthcare ecosystem and continue our Indus-based research publications.
With the launch of the website (icon.indushospital.org.pk), we will provide you with regular updates about upcoming schedules and conferences. Register yourself so that you may stay up to date when we announce details and schedules of the workshops.
We hope this conference will lead to a memorable experience for both our attendees and our speakers.
Dr. Muhammad Kashif Shazlee

Chair, ICON 2022

January 20 - 23, 2022

Countdown to the
Conference Inauguration