Plenary 1: Health Ecosystem - Challenges and Opportunities

The global health ecosystem is constantly changing. The rate and complexity have accelerated exponentially in recent years. Inevitably, some challenges are inherent to Pakistan’s landscape, such as a dramatic rise in communicable diseases, poverty-driven disease burden, and inadequacies in primary and secondary healthcare services. However, more often than not, there are ubiquitous pervasive challenges in healthcare: patient safety, quality services, physician burnout, antibiotic resistance, and infection prevention, just to name a few. This multi-stakeholder conference will discuss the challenges of healthcare and how technology-led and patient-centered healthcare provide opportunities for improvement.



Khalid Mahmood
Dr. Arshad Taqi
Professor Dr. Javed Akram
Dr. Saeed Akhtar
Professor Khalid Masood Gondal
Dr. Abdul Bari Khan