Plenary 3: Role of Media in Healthcare

The media is an essential vehicle of mass communication across industries, and healthcare is no exception. Notably, the nature of mass media (print, electronic, radio, and the internet) makes it a powerful tool in steering the public towards topics they should think about. However, the public health community and policymakers have not always been sensitive to the importance and power of the media in shaping the public’s health. The abundance of health-related content and the speed of its dissemination in the media means that the news and information presented for consumption do not pass through the filters of responsible media. Discourse on this topic by bringing together stakeholders from the medical and media fraternity to reach sustainable suggestions and solutions is essential.


Najia Ashar


Sarwat Gilani
Sania Saeed
Aoun Sahi
Mazhar Abbas
Dr. Faisal Sultan
Kamal Siddiqi
Dr. Asima Faisal
Dr. Abdul Bari Khan

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