Speaker’s Name: Dr. Adeel Khatri
Designation: Program Director of the Emergency Medicine residency program, IHHN
Biography: Dr. Khatri serves as the Program Director of the Emergency Medicine residency program at the Indus Hospital & Health Network. A distinguished professional, he is the recipient of the Chad Epps Bursary for the Master Debriefers Course from The Debriefers Academy in Canada. Currently, Dr. Khatri holds the position of an IPSS-INSPIRE fellow in simulation, showcasing his commitment to advancing expertise in this field.
With a profound interest in Medical Education, Dr. Khatri focuses on integrating simulation techniques to enhance core Emergency Medicine competency. His specialization extends to the development of low-cost phantom models, demonstrating his innovative approach to education. Dr. Khatri is also actively involved in systems integration of simulation, contributing significantly to the advancement of medical training methodologies.