Speaker’s Name: Dr. Afshan Rasheed
Designation: Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician, RTEH
Biography: Dr. Afshan, a seasoned Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician is a distinguished medical professional with a strong academic foundation. With an MBBS and FCPS to her credit, she has demonstrated unwavering dedication to women’s health. She is not only well-versed in general gynecology and obstetrics but also possesses specialized skills. Her certifications in ICMT, SED, and CHPE reflect her commitment to staying current with the latest medical advancements and ensuring the highest standards of patient care. Furthermore, she has achieved a Master Certification in Gynecological Laparoscopy, showcasing her expertise in advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques. Her comprehensive qualifications and commitment to continuous learning make her an invaluable asset in providing quality healthcare to women in the community.