Speaker’s Name: Dr. Farrukh Siddique
Designation: Principal, Indus College of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Biography: Dr. Farrukh Siddique is the Principal of the distinguished Indus College of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. Graduating from the Liaquat National School of Physiotherapy in 2009, I pursued advanced education, obtaining an MSc/MPhil in physiotherapy in 2015 and completing the Doctor of Physical Therapy deficiency course in 2017.
In addition to my expertise in physical therapy, I earned a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Karachi in 2012. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s in Health Profession Education to expand my role as an educationist.
With 11 years dedicated to the field, I served as the Head of the Physical Therapy Department at IHHN from 2015 to 2020. In 2020, I transitioned to academia, establishing the College of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation and launching the five-year Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program.
To augment my academic knowledge, I completed a 6-month Health Profession Education course, obtaining a certificate in 2022. This led me to enroll in the Masters/MPhil in Health Profession Education program. Now, as a respected educationist in Physical Therapy, I contribute to the field’s advancement.