Speaker’s Name: Dr. Sama Mukhtar
Designation: Consultant Department of EM, IHHN
Biography: Dr. Mukhtar is Consultant Emergency Medicine Physician at Indus Hospital and Health Network, Karachi. She is a GCSRT scholar from Harvard Medical School and an MHPE Scholar at Aga Khan University. She is an FCPS II EM Supervisor and has a special interest in Trauma team training and development of clinical guidelines and pathways. She is serving as Head of Blood Utilization Resource Committee ED Clinical Research Committee and a member of IHHN, Clinical Research Committee. Her work is focused primarily on Emergency Medicine research capacity building and Health Professions education in Pakistan. Dr. Mukhtar has played a significant role in devising Tele-Emergency systems at IHHN, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and is also serving as Media secretary at Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine.