Dr. Sara Saeed
Speaker’s Name: Dr. Sara Saeed
Designation: CEO, Sehat Kahani
Biography: Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram brings over 8 years of experience to the field of digital healthcare as the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sehat Kahani. Sehat Kahani, a widely utilized digital healthcare platform in Pakistan, aims to democratize healthcare access through technology. The platform boasts a committed network of doctors, particularly focusing on providing flexible work opportunities for female doctors to overcome socio-cultural barriers. The Sehat Kahani mobile application serves 1.4 million consumers and 700+ corporations, supported by the largest network of 59 E-clinics nationwide. Recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, IWLS Fellow by the National Defence University (Pakistan), Rainer Arnhold Fellow by Mulago Foundation, Cartier Fellow 2018, Acumen Fellow 2016, TEDx speaker, and Cherie Blair Foundation alumna, Dr. Sara has made significant contributions. She was the first Frontier Innovator from Pakistan in 2017. Dr. Sara has received numerous awards, including the Heroine of Healthcare Award 2022, Stuart Weitzman Bold Move Award 2022, We-Empower Award 21, Rolex Awards 2019 as Associate Laureate, TIAW Award, CRDF Global Awards, Ashoka Changemakers, ISIF Asia, Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards, UNICEF Global Goal Campaigner Award 2016, and Arpatech Young Entrepreneurs Award 2017. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of CLUE, a menstrual cycle tracker app, and is a member of the Policy Forum on Gender and Finance by the State Bank and the Technical Advisory Committee for the National Human Development Report 2023.