Moderator’s Name: Dr. Taarif Hussain
Designation: Consultant Emergency & Medicine, IHHN
Biography: Dr. Hussain holds the position of Consultant and head of the Emergency Department at IHHN, QFNST & SMP, Jubilee Town Campus in Lahore. Additionally, he serves as an Emergency Medicine Attending Physician and is affiliated with Professional Emergency Physicians, one of the largest groups of Emergency Physicians in the USA. Actively participating in academics, Dr. Hussain is an adjunct faculty member at the esteemed University of Indiana, School of Medicine, USA, where he holds the title of Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine. Notably, he has garnered several awards and boasts international publications. Apart from being Board-Certified and a qualified Emergency Physician, Dr. Hussain is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine and an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma, USA. His expertise extends to Hospital Medicine (Adult Internal Medicine), reflecting years of experience in hospital and critical care practice.