Speaker’s Name: Mr. Hakim Shah
Designation: Associate Professor & Principal
Biography: Hakim Shah stands as an inspiring teacher, and his professional journey spans two decades in nursing education and administration, contributing significantly to the development of nursing education. He graduated from Aga Khan University in 2001 in the first batch of BS Nursing, later completing his postgraduate studies as MS Nursing at the same prestigious university in 2008. Hakim Shah’s academic foundation laid the groundwork for his eminent career.
Having published numerous research studies, he has truly blended leadership and mentorship to nurture a new generation of healthcare professionals. Currently, Hakim Shah is on a transformative journey as a PhD scholar, channeling his energy into a dissertation that promises to contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of nursing research.
In his current role as an Associate Professor and Principal at the Indus College of Nursing & Midwifery, he continues to shape the future of nursing education.