Speaker’s Name: Mr. Hamid-Ul-Haq
Designation: Lecturer
Biography: Hamid-Ul-Haq’s accomplished career in healthcare and nursing education, including General Nursing from ICONM with a specialization in Cardiac Nursing, and graduation from (LUMHS), reflects a solid foundation in nursing. Moreover, his diverse qualifications, such as DHMS with RHMP, and various national and international diplomas and certificates, indicate a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. With over 7 years of experience in healthcare services, Hamid Ul Haq has successfully trained junior nurses, demonstrating proven results at clinical sites that speak volumes about his expertise and leadership in the field. His journey as a Nursing Lecturer began in 2019 at Bakhtawar Manar Institute of Nursing in Karachi, leading to his subsequent promotion to Program Coordinator of Post RN BSN. Currently serving as a Lecturer at ICONM and IHHN, it’s clear that Hamid-ul-Haq is making significant contributions to nursing education. His dedication, commitment, motivation, and knowledge highlight his passion for the profession and shaping the future of nursing students.