Speaker’s Name: Prof. Dr. Sikandar Afzal
Designation: Dean at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lahore

Prof. Dr. Sikandar Afzal is a distinguished academician and researcher with a profound expertise in the realm of Science and Technology. Holding the esteemed position of Dean at the Faculty of Sciences in the University of Lahore, Dr. Afzal has dedicated decades to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.

Dr. Afzal’s academic journey spans over 25 years, marked by a multitude of contributions to various domains within the scientific landscape. His research encompasses groundbreaking studies in nanotechnology, renewable energy, and sustainable materials, positioning him as a frontrunner in interdisciplinary scientific endeavors. His exposure throughout the years of professional practice resulted in the enrichment of treatment skills across the vast field of general surgery. He stands as a luminary in the Healthcare scientific community make him a fitting addition to ICON 2024. His session promises to offer invaluable insights and perspectives on the revolutionary impact of nanotechnology in shaping our future