Speaker’s Name:Aihtisham Parvez
Designation:Lecturer – Indus College of Nursing and Midwifery
Biography:Aihtisham Parvez MHPE (scholar), CHPE, MBA-HHCM, BSN “COVID-19 REDEFINED EDUCATION, AND SO DID MY VISION” Driven by a passion for nursing education and empowered by continuous learning, I navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare academia. My journey began as a BSN scholar at Jinnah College of Nursing, transitioning to clinical practice before discovering my true calling in education. To hone my skills, I pursued an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management at Jinnah Sindh Medical University, applying my knowledge across diverse nursing institutes. The arrival of COVID-19 underscored the need for educational transformation, prompting me to seek a Certificate in Health Professions Education from Indus University of Health Sciences and subsequently enroll in the Master of Health Professions Education program at Aga Khan University. My commitment to excellence lies in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge pedagogical approaches and technological advancements, propelling nursing education toward a brighter future.